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2022 a Year of Firsts & Seconds – Beijing, China

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2022 will be a first not only for China, but for the history of the Olympics as well. It will be the first time that a city has hosted both the Summer and the Winter Olympics and only the second time that a national capital has hosted the Winter Olympics. As with the 2008 Summer Games, Beijing is setting the stage for another great Games. Beijing is home to both ski and snow fields, perfect for the Olympic Games and travelers seeking outdoor adventures. Beijing is situated with mountains to the north and the water to the south of the city, creating an extremely balanced Feng Shui. Although the mountains are currently a 2 to 3 hour drive from the city, by 2020, a bullet train will take visitors there in less than an hour. This expansive city, incredibly rich in culture, landscapes, and activities is the perfect destination for all kinds of travels and travelers. Destination China is here to help you discover why China has fascinated world travelers for over 5,000 years.